About Us

Visa Connect is an indigenous company in the areas of diplomatic relations and visa processing services

We have over a decade industry experience and sound knowledge of the workings of our terrains; we are well equipped with dedicated and adequately trained staffs that are well versed in international relations, diplomacy, public relations, protocol engineering, travel logistics and clients relationship management.  

We have an uncommon competence and leverage with technical partners from Asia, Europe, America and Africa with whom we have been conducting our businesses in strict adherence to professional codes and international ethical standards.

Our Values

The company has helped contribute to the development of national economy through the promotion of diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and the rest of the world, creation of jobs, promotion of foreign direct investments, and expansion in volume of foreign exchange earnings and through the transfer of technology thereby bridging skill and knowledge gaps. At VISA CONNECT, our services are provided in line with: 

Transparency and integrity 

• Accuracy, precision and perfection as a result of excellent professional competence 

• Discipline, time management and quality offering that gives value for money 

• Conformity with international best practices; 

• Client satisfaction through effective feedback mechanism.